The space guardians spaceship

Improving Astronomy Literacy of children 3-10 years old to raise their interest in STEM subjects

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What is Space Guardians?

✦ 2 Erasmus + projects (Space Guardians & Space Guardians 2)

✦ 6 partners from all over Europe

✦ 2 interactive eBooks

✦ 1 boardgame with digital elements and a space-themed construction kit

✦ 8 conferences 

✦ 11 workshops 

✦ 1 competition

✦ Hundreds of children and teachers participating

What do we do?

We develop innovative and user friendly tools that can be used in various settings for Astronomy education by teachers/trainers, STEM educators, schools and parents for raising interest over STEM.


Why participate? 

You'll benefit from our research to teach children about Astronomy using our interactive and engaging eBooks and boardgame, that enable learning Astronomy learning in a playful way.