Space Guardians eBooks

The project SpaceGuardians has developed an innovative pedagogy for improving Astronomy Literacy of children (3 to 6 years old) and for raising their interest over STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), based on two interactive learning eBook.

As an interactive eBook, it integrates interactive features, mini-games, puzzles and other elements embedded in the story.

We have also developed a Facilitators Guide to maximise the learning opportunities provided by the interactive eBook by; 

  • explaining how the eBook is used,
  • proposing topics for reflection,
  • proposing exercises,
  • proposing activities,

 that can be used by teachers and parents with children.

Facilitators Guide in English 

Facilitators Guide in Portugese


The Moon was stolen

The Moon was stolen’ is about a young girl called Rita who is trying to figure out who stole the Moon. During her adventure, she finds different clues and friends along the way. Rita discovers who stole the Moon and is asked to join the Space Guardians team. SG are scientists, adventurers and protectors who study space and go on dangerous missions to protect the planet, so off course Rita accepts and becomes a Space Guardian. 

This eBook is available in English, French, Portuguese and Greek.

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Is there anybody out there

'The Moon was Stolen' sequal is called ‘Is there anybody out there’. In this book, the Space Guardians team are picking up a strange signal from somewhere in the solar system and decide to go out to space to check this out for themselves. 

They soon realise the signal is coming from Mars and during their trip to there are a number of activities that the readers can complete including arranging numbers from 1 – 10 during take-off, dressing Rita in her Space suit and put the planets in the correct order from the Sun. 

Once they land on Mars, they realise that a meteor has damaged a telescope and they work together to fix it. 

This eBook is available in English, French, Portuguese and Greek.

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