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Enter our Colouring in Competition and the Winner will receive a Prize!

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Competition Time!!

Dear Space Guardians,

We have a problem! The Moon has been stolen...! Rita is the leader of the Space Guardians and needs your help to find the Moon. Your mission, if you accept it, is to paint/colour in our drawing of Rita searching for the Moon in the sky.

The contest starts on the 20th of March, day of the Spring equinox, when the day and night have exactly the same duration. You have until the next Full Moon (the 19th of April) to complete your painting and send it. A jury will evaluate all paintings received and the best one will receive a prize.

Teachers/Parents: Please use the webform below to send the pictures, making it clear what the child's name and age are, as well as which country you are sending from. We will automatically email you back a Space Guardians badge to give out and the kids will be put into the prize draw!

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