Space Guardians 2 has officially started!

Following the success of the first Space Guardians project, we have now started working on Space Guardians 2. The new project aims at developing a playful learning approach for Astronomy Education at primary school level.

This will be achieved by creating:

  • a learning framework for Astronomy Education at primary school level, that schools and educators can use to engage Astronomy topics
  • a boardgame with Astronomy-related contents, featuring digital elements and a space-themed construction kit, to create a memorable and meaningful learning experience
  • workshops on Astronomy for teachers, trainers, parents and children, capable of generating impact and encouraging new initiatives on Astronomy Education

The first meeting of the Space Guardians 2 project team was held virtually in February 2021. Representatives of all organisations met to discuss about the project aims, activities, and expected results. They also, discussed the steps for achieving project’s objectives, and defined the first activities to be done.

All project updates will be published on our website. Stay tuned!